FAQs Opening

FAQs and UWC-USA Opening 2020

August 31, 2020 is the start date for academic classes both on campus and via distance learning. ExEd and Residential Life activities will begin in August; we’ll have a virtual meeting August 4th to introduce the program and schedule, which will be able to accessed live and asynchronously.

  • UWC-USA has adopted a model that most closely approximates the hybrid flexible or HyFlex model.  Each class session and learning activity is offered in-person, synchronously online, and asynchronously online. 
  • Participation in class is necessary regardless of where and how students attend. 
  • All classes will have asynchronous modules that include multimedia assignments.  These will form the backbone of curriculum acquisition for all students.
  • Through the use of our learning management system there will be discussion threads and group projects to integrate all students.
  • All teachers will hold office hours at various times that allow students to meet with them live on school-approved platforms at least three times each semester, although students may arrange meetings with teachers more frequently.  Students who are on campus should use technology for individual meetings with faculty until further notice.
  • Live class sessions are not passive experiences for students and there should be interactive engagements for all students.  
  • Classes will be held in right-sized spaces that allow for appropriate physical distancing.  
  • Upon entering classrooms, students will sign in, sanitize their hands and take their seats.
  • Students and teachers should be prepared to wear facial coverings in all classes.
  • Classes will be live-streamed and recorded for those students who cannot attend classes in person or who live in a time zone that makes attending some classes very difficult.
  • If a student is live-streaming they can participate in real-time through text chat and engage in group work and presentations during class time.
  • Asynchronous participation is an alternative for those students who may not be available to participate in the allotted class time.  
  • Students who are engaged in distance learning will have access to all of the same materials, although they may not be able to engage in real time.  
  • Students will not be penalized for missing a live class because they live in a different time zone, but are expected to watch the recording and complete all relevant work.

All assignments and readings will be posted on the school platform.  Students will need a computer, reliable Internet connection and a quiet place to work.

Please contact Alexis Mamaux, Dean of Academics, at alexis.mamaux@uwc-usa.org and your National Committee for assistance.

  • Our arts and science classes will continue, but the teachers will create assignments that can be completed offsite.  The courses will not look exactly the same in the Fall semester as they typically would, but they work towards curriculum completion.

UWC USA is an SAT testing site and will offer the SAT on all dates that it takes place.  However, second-year students will be prioritized in the earlier sessions as they have not yet had the opportunity to take the exams and they are applying to colleges. 

If you’re traveling from outside the US, you should book your flight as soon as you have your F-1 visa in your passport and once you know that you are able to travel from a country where there is not a travel restriction for entering the US. 

You will still be engaged with us via the online platform, not only in academics but also experiential education and residential life. Once the travel restriction is lifted, you will join the on-campus community in person.

A member of the UWC-USA faculty and one of our drivers will meet you no matter when you are able to arrive. 

Yes, all students will be quarantined for two weeks on campus in designated areas.  You will have exercise breaks and bathroom breaks, and your meals will be delivered to you.  Your residential coordinators will check in with you, and we will provide you with a way to be connected to everyone else via our online platform.  We will also have some activities that you can do while you are quarantined.

Yes, our health team will test students regularly in conjunction with the NM Department of Health.  You will also be taught how to self-test, under our supervision, and your samples will be delivered to our health center in town. Testing of all students on campus will begin August 3rd.

No, but we will be in a permanent stage of monitoring who comes and goes on campus.  Students will have many opportunities to be outdoors, to move around on campus, and to see one another.  Trips into town will be restricted, but we will provide you with things that you need from the grocery, the pharmacy, Walmart, etc. Our campus store is expanding and there will be opportunities to order in bulk from local stores. We will continue to have wilderness trips and we will be able to do outdoor activities at some local ranches. 

The people affected will be isolated immediately, and we will use contact tracing to quarantine and test others who may have come into contact with the person.  We will notify the NM Department of Health as well as parents.  Students will have immediate access to healthcare professionals.  Classes and activities may be temporarily suspended, depending on the severity of the outbreak.  We will follow our pre-established guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

By eating well, sleeping 7-8 hours each night, and keeping yourself and your room clean.  Wear masks when around others, wash your hands frequently, and follow the guidelines for safe social distancing. 

Everyone is required to wear a face covering when in public areas and classrooms.